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Sync Pro

Backup all of your computers, sync your files between your PCs and Macs, access your files anywhere - all in one feature rich package plus get extra features only available on Pro Suite!

  • 1 All in one simple package.
  • 2 Only one piece of software to install.
  • 3 FTP, SFTP and WebDAV access to Briefcase.
  • 4 Completely safe and secure.
  • 5Outstanding support.
  • 6 Full powered briefcase.

Sync your files between your PCs and Macs with full power of cloud starting @ £15 / Month

PS infinity Sync Pro combines the simplicity of backup and power of briefcase to give you all in one solution

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Keep your files safe

Backup works quietly in the background to protect your files as you use your computer. You don't need any technical knowledge, and it backs up all of your files to the cloud - no matter how many you've got. You can restore your files at any time with one click.

The same files on every computer

Briefcase appears as a new drive on your Mac or PC. You can use it like any other drive - drag and drop files and open them in your favourite apps - but it's synced online and between all of your computers, so your files go with you anywhere.

Set your files free

You can view and even edit files online from any web browser, and view them all on your mobile too. Even listen to your music and watch your movies anywhere you go!

Even more for advanced users

With Pro Suite you get exclusive features that are not available on any other home account. Advanced users can use FTP or SFTP to access their cloud storage, letting you access your files from an FTP client or automate uploads and downloads. You also get WebDAV access to your files, letting you view and edit files from within other apps - such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote on the iPad.